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Keno Jun88 – Keno Game Golden Experiences

Keno Jun88 is booming in the online betting market today, because the rules are somewhat similar to the very simple Vietnamese lottery. So most players will easily join the first time. The following content will be the Keno playing experience for everyone.

1.Introducing Keno Jun88

Keno Jun88 Brief Introduction

Keno Jun88 is a lottery game with many numbers drawn at random. This game comes from China and in 2019 officially launched in Vietnam market. Released daily by Vietlott company from Monday to Sunday. Keno drawing lasts from 5 to 10 minutes and is usually held daily from 6:00 am to 9:55 pm.

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The special thing is that during the drawing period, Keno lottery tickets will continue to be sold. The organizers will notify if the time of the drawing changes, 5 days from the date of the draw is the latest.

Playing Keno Jun88 is very simple, because it is similar to the traditional lottery form. But the jackpot prize level of the Keno lottery makes players always want to win and stick. This is the main reason why so many people enjoy and experience Keno every day.

2.Betting Forms Keno Jun88

Keno Jun88 betting form is completely reputable – bets will win there

Online Keno at Jun88 is really attractive, diverse betting forms attract players. Currently, there are 3 main types of Keno bets as follows:

2.1 Keno bets

Keno Jun88 is quite simple to play, just take the total score of 20 drawn numbers and perform the following calculation:

If it is greater than 810, it is called Over, ending the result with odds of 1.95, whichever side has more bets will win.

If it is less than 810 then it is called Under, it is called a decimal with odds of 1.95, the person who chooses the decimal number wins in that case.

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If the case equals 810, then the bet is tied with odds of 108.

2.2 Keno parity bet

Odd / Even bets in Keno Jun88 mean that you will have to predict whether the total of 20 numbers drawn is Odd or Even. The odds are very balanced because of the 50/50 odds, if you can find the rules of this rafter, it is quite suitable for long-term play.

If you observe closely and monitor regularly, you can gradually guess the parity rate of the next game. Based on the statistics of the odd occurrence rate, you will find a way to win the next matches.

Odd : The sum of 20 numbers drawn with units is 1,3,5,7,9 → Odd.

  Even : The sum of 20 numbers drawn with the units row is Even 2,4,6,8,0 → Even.

2.3 Betting on Metal / Wood / Water / Fire / Earth mệnh

Needle: The sum of 20 numbers drawn has a result between 210 and 695.

Wood: The sum of 20 numbers drawn is between 696 and 763.

Cards: The sum of 20 numbers drawn has a result between 764 and 855.

Fire: The sum of the 20 numbers drawn is between 856 and 923.

Earth: The sum of 20 numbers drawn has a result between 924 and 1410.

For example, the 20 numbers drawn are: 11, 6, 2, 14, 13, 16, 20, 21, 35, 50, 52, 39, 29, 70, 61, 11, 71, 8, 33, 79. This sum is 641 which ranges from 210-695.

=> The Kim Picker wins.

3.The experience of playing Keno Jun88 wins big

Screenshot 3

Golden experience in the game Keno Jun88

You need to get some experience playing Keno Jun88 from the previous masters to get more wins. Here are some very effective long-established game tips:

Xem : https://jun88.dev/

3.1 Stay calm

If you have decided to join Keno at the dealer Jun88, then definitely keep calm. The choice of numbers is very important, so even if you lose in a row, you should not be too bitter. On the contrary, if you win a lot, you should not be greedy and rely on but maintain a calm state.

3.2 Manage how to spend your bets well

Applying a safe way of playing with only small bets, after a few wins, the bet can be increased to an appropriate level. However, you should not bet big, so it will be empty very quickly. It is better to divide the money into small bets, placing many different bets. Applying this way you will win big and never leave empty handed.

3.3 Changing tables

In traditional card games, players often exchange new decks when too black, so playing Keno is the same. If you have lost 6 games in a row, now should exit to avoid bad luck and find another table to have more chances of winning.

3.4 Not dependent, not aggressive

You should not get too excited when playing Keno Jun88, but know when to stop playing. Once you have won a lot of money then withdraw and then stop playing, do not continue to play to secure your money.

This article is useful information about Keno Jun88 gaming experience. Besides, there are the forms of Keno bets that everyone should know.

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