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The Process of Cancelling a Consultation on HealthTap

HealthTap is a virtual primary care service that connects consumers to board-certified doctors via video and text chat. Here, users can ask questions, obtain prescriptions, arrange lab tests and referrals – all from one convenient platform HealthTap!

The service boasts over 40,000 doctors in its network. Its AI-powered symptom checker has provided more than seven billion answers to patient inquiries.

How to cancel a consultation on HealthTap?

Cancelling a consultation on HealthTap can be quite complicated. In most cases, you’ll need to contact either our customer support team via call or email for assistance.

HealthTap provides access to more than 90,000 U.S. licensed doctors who have gone through an intensive verification process and earned board certification in their specialty. Their goal is to provide patients with high-quality, trusted medical advice.

HealthTap members have the option to meet with a doctor via video or text sessions, receive prescriptions, lab tests, referrals and reminders regarding their condition. As such, it appeals to consumers seeking high-quality telehealth services at affordable costs that are both convenient and accessible.

The cost of HealthTap depends on the plan you select. You can pay per visit or sign up for the Prime plan, which provides unlimited visits at a lower subscription fee.

Cancel a consultation by phone

If you need to cancel a consultation scheduled with a HealthTap doctor, contact them either by phone or email. Be polite and respectful as you explain your situation, and offer another time for meeting if possible.

HealthTap is an telemedicine platform that allows users to video chat with a physician. They can answer your queries, order lab tests and write or refill prescriptions. Plus, their AI-powered symptom checker helps ensure you receive the assistance needed.

Cancel a consultation by email

When cancelling an appointment on HealthTap via email, it’s essential to adhere to some proper email etiquette guidelines. Doing so will allow you to be polite and respectful while also demonstrating that you value the person’s time and presence.

Start your email by apologizing for cancelling the appointment and explaining why you cannot attend. Doing this will give the other party confidence in that you are sincere and reliable.

Explain that you will reschedule the appointment for a more convenient date and time. Doing this demonstrates your interest in meeting with the individual rather than simply cancelling their appointment due to an inconvenience.

Remember, HealthTap does not provide prescriptions for regulated substances, psychiatric illnesses or drugs which are restricted in your state. Furthermore, customers living outside the US will not be able to receive prescriptions through HealthTap.

Cancel a consultation by text

To end a consultation on HealthTap, simply text “cancel” to your phone. This will cause the app to automatically pause your session.

You can use the text feature to alter the date and time of your scheduled appointment. This could be helpful if you plan to go somewhere else for it or have an emergency.

HealthTap can be used on either desktop computers or mobile devices such as iPhone or Android. In addition to tele-health services, it also provides a question and answer service where users can post questions for response from an expert pool of doctors.


The primary feature of the app is its speedy text or video conference feature with a doctor, designed for those who need medical advice without having to make an appointment at their local clinic. With this service, users are able to get medical advice quickly and conveniently without needing to spend hours waiting in line at the doctor’s office. Users can also fill out a personal medical record for customized information and recommendations. HealthTap is available on iOS and Android devices.

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