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Referral Bonus And Referral Commission Is An Amazing Way To Earn By KuCoin

Kucoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade more than 700 types of crypto, such as BitCoin, LitCoin, Tron, Polka Dot, SOL, KCS, Doge, and many more. Furthermore, KuCoin offers many more services such as spot trading, margin trading, cryptocurrency lending, futures, savings, mining, and other investment opportunities. Along with a chance of earning passively. Yes! You heard it right. If one is not interested in active trading, he can earn rewards and profits. Isn’t it amazing?

Let’s Get To Learn About The Referal Program

Though KuCoin offers many different ways to earn passively, one of the ways is through referral programs. Referral Program means recommending products or services to others and getting rewards. And KuCoin offers this program. Getting registered in this program is one of the questions that might arise in the users’ minds. But before we go into detail about writing for this program, remember that users can earn stars through referrals, and stars can be exchanged for prizes. Now talking about the referral program, it’s effortless to join it after downloading KuCoin app and filling up the details. The other step will be to tap the profile photo and invite Friends. There are many methods to call companions via a referral link or code or click invite Friends to send a request via poster. After sending the link, friends respond on KuCoin via the referral link, referral code, or the QR code on the poster. When the tasks are completed, claim stars. Thus, the higher the level, the better the gift, and the more stars are required. 

Let’s Learn About Referral Bonuses And Commissions

Before moving ahead, let’s see what the terms Bonus and commission mean? A bonus is a reward that is above and beyond the regular payment expectations of its recipient. A company may award these bonuses as an incentive, reward good performance at festivals and many more. 

Now let’s see what does commission mean? When a person gets money apart from the salary upon completing a task, selling a certain amount of goods or services is usually known as commission. So how can the user earn the bonus or commission? By referring to the referral link, one will receive up to a 20% referral bonus each time the other person completes an order. Here are some rules of the Referral Bonus Program; each referral will be effective for one year, starting from your friend’s first completed order. And the bonus received can be saved in the wallet. 


Thus, after becoming a KuCoin affiliate, one can use a referral link to invite friends to trade on KuCoin and earn a 40% return of the invitees’ trading fees as commission. Exciting! Right? Thus, KuCoin has never disappointed its users, which is why it grew in no time and brings in new features to captivate the user’s attention, and this passive earning is a fantastic feature

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