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The Supermarket23 Business of Online Stores in Cuba

There are many online grocery stores in Cuba, but not all of them offer a full selection of items. Supermarket23 can provide you with 1.000 products and ships to all municipios in Cuba. The website also promises to offer you products that your local authorities cannot supply. The online supermarket has three main currencies: Cuban pesos, US dollars, and Euros. To use its services, you must have an Internet connection.

While Supermarket23 is a successful business in Cuba, its competitors are not. Its main advantage over other grocery stores is the vast variety of products it offers. And the state-owned company that promotes it, Alcona, is a great help. Its founder, Guillermo Garcia Frias, is also a member of the government’s Flora y Fauna department, which distributes agricultural products in the province of Cienfuegos.

Unlike traditional grocery stores, Supermarket23 sells local products from home-based businesses and military groups. It also carries items from Cuban companies, including Alcona farm. Although online trading in Cuba has not yet reached the extent it has attained, it has never been so secretive. State-owned companies and private companies run both websites, but the government has kept a tight lid on both. That hasn’t stopped the businesses from generating hard currency in the process.

The web interface of SuperMarket23 is very similar to that of Correos of Cuba. Users can send goods to Cuba and receive them in return. This web interface makes shopping a breeze. And SuperMarket23’s wide range of goods is another perk. Unlike Correos, SuperMarket23 also provides envios to Cuba for free. They offer free shipping. If you are looking for a place to send your products, then SuperMarket23 is the perfect choice.

Supermarket23 is under investigation in Cuba, after a group of cubanos requested that the company be investigated. They claim that Supermarket23 is illegal because it sells Cubanos – foods which are banned in Cuba. And this is despite the fact that Supermarket23 has been absent from the grocers in Cuba for quite some time. In the meantime, an activist has filed a petition to make Supermarket23 aware of the problems. In addition to the petition, the company’s office shared the information with Cubanet, an agency that has a close relationship with Flora y Fauna, which is run by a former Cuban Revolutionary commander.

Supermarket23’s website provides a list of suppliers. Each listing shows the names of the suppliers. A 4-pound package of Alcona beef costs US$ 33, while a similar package of Empresa Pecuaria Genetica Turiguano beef costs US$ 28. Supermarket23 has also become a sales platform for many other private and state businesses. This is an excellent way to find quality products at affordable prices.

Another great option for buying groceries in Cuba is SuperMarket 23. It’s a great way to stock up on essential items, without the hassle of visiting a physical store. With a wide selection of products and free delivery to La Habana, SuperMarket 23 is an online grocery store that you can use to stock up on groceries. You can also check if your product will be delivered to Cuba. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

A quick search on social networks will reveal that Treew is another important business in Cuba. While all of its employees are Cuban, some of its workers have strong ties to government elite. This includes Luis Mazorra, the son of a former diplomat. This company also has ties with Alcona. And if all that wasn’t enough, they have two other principal officers who have close ties to Alcona.

A second great option is to use the directory of cuba. While the internet has become increasingly popular, it’s still difficult to navigate and read. This is where envios a cuba can come in handy. You can order the latest generation of smartphones in Cuba from the comfort of your own home. While the main channels don’t speak cuban, you can order books in English from a reputable website and save money.

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