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Top 5 Live Baits for Landing Amberjacks

Amberjacks don’t have a particular diet. The fish prefer squids, crustaceans, and fish but will eat anything shiny. They are aggressive and natural predators so they will use your live bait. Amberjacks love to eat fish like Cigar Minnows and Sardines. Mullets, Blue Runners and Menhaden are also excellent bait.

Cigar Minnows

Cigar Minnows make for great bait when you are fishing for Amberjacks. Amberjacks are attracted to their shiny bodies, and they are also the most common wild prey. They are perfect for live bait because their bodies can grow up to 12 inches. The hook should be placed in the cartilage on the nose when used as live bait.


The sardines’ shiny scales and powerful scent attract large predatory fish. Sardines are great live bait, but they can also be paired with an artificial lure. Vertical jigs work well as an artificial lure when fishing for Amberjacks. The heavy metal piece will sink to the bottom, allowing you to reach depths where Amberjacks like to hide. The additional flash of metal will catch their attention.


The finger mullet is a small fish that can be found in a variety of places. Mullets can be caught in bays and on beaches. They are also excellent bait for larger fish. Mullets are a popular baitfish and many fish will eat it. Mullets are easily hooked either through the eye, the lip, or the tail, depending on currents.

Blue Runner

Blue Runners are great bait for bigger fish, like Amberjack. Circle hooks are the best way to use these fish as live bait. Attach it to the roof and through the upper jaw of the fish. Attach it to the fish’s back and above the dorsal ray. This will make it drift.


Fishing baits for bottom fishing are menhaden. The bright silver color is attractive to larger fish. Menhaden can grow to 15 inches and are found on the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts. To use them as bait, hook them from the side of the nose to the front of the eyes.

The article was written by a professional charter captain at Salty Knots Fishing Charters with 15+ years of experience in the Gulf of Mexico. Salty Knots Fishing Charters is a local fishing charter service based out of St. Pete Beach, Florida. “We know what it takes to catch a giant trophy fish!”

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