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Kalank Review – A Review of the Film Companion

If you’re considering watching the movie, you’ve probably wondered how to give it a kalank review rating. First of all, the movie looks good. However, you should know that there are some flaws in the script and the portrayal of the Hindu-Muslim equation. Though it does have a sympathetic cast and pretty packaging, Kalank is far too polarizing. It portrays a ferocious Muslim in an inappropriate light, and isn’t entirely truthful.

For one thing, Kalank is full of stars – Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt reunite after years, Alia Bhatt is brilliant as the ambitious and self-sacrificing Roop, and Aditya Roy Kapur is terrific as the headstrong man. While this might seem like a good sign, the film’s scope is just a little too ambitious. Kalank could have been a throwback to Hindi cinema’s golden age, when movies had more focus on developing characters and the plot remained buoyant.

The film starts off on a positive note, with glimpses of the climax. While the film is supposedly set in pre-Independent India, it feels more like it was shot in a Baz Luhrmann catalogue. One of the most memorable scenes is when the courtesan reaches a wounded man on a train and extends her arm. Her husband then grabs her and the two escape the violence and hatred.

While the story is engrossing, the movie is ultimately mediocre. It features a multi-star cast that’s too crowded to be realistic, and a crowded multi-cultural production with a largely monochrome look. The film also contains many religious references and lavish song-and-dance sequences, which make the movie seem like it was made for an audience that revered Hindu and Muslim religion.

I didn’t care for Kalank’s lackluster acting or direction, and would have preferred a film that centered on an unlikely love story. But, despite its flaws, the movie has a heartwarming love triangle, which allows audiences to root for the lead characters. The chase sequence at the end is a highlight. If you’re not a movie-goer, the movie’s background score is enough to make you feel the emotions.

As a movie, Kalank is a complex and beautiful love story set during the Partition era in India. The actors are superb, especially Alia Bhatt as the young Roop. It questions the high moral standards of society while focusing on eternal love. However, Kalank’s length can make it seem like it’s a little overrated. And as a result, it’s best seen with a friend, as a movie with a mediocre soundtrack is not worth watching a hundred times.

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