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Benefits of Gimkit Live for Teachers and Students

Gimkit live is a great game for students that lets them compete with other players in different categories. The game starts with an empty board and players submit gem kits of various colors, shapes, and values. Players can then raise these gem kits onto the grid. Players earn positive points when they touch other pieces of the same color and value. However, players earn negative points if they make matches with opposing pieces or take up too much space.

Another major feature of this program is the ability to add images and text to questions. Adding images to questions is possible, as well as YouTube videos. While YouTube videos are not natively supported, they can be added to question sets. Using a third-party tool to embed HTML5 player into the question set means that video playback is not guaranteed. However, it can be a fun and effective way to review concepts. However, teachers should be aware of the limitations of this tool.

Students can answer questions at their own pace, and Gimkit can automatically generate reports after each game. Teachers can use these reports to help individual students. The software also has features that make it an excellent choice for homework assignments and automatically graded assignments. It also includes a kit collaboration feature which allows students to contribute questions. It is possible to create an account for free or purchase a premium version. There are many benefits of Gimkit Live for teachers and students alike.

Another notable feature is the ability to invite other students into your class. This unique feature lets students join an online class, and instructors can easily monitor student data and time. Instructors can also receive notifications when a student does not turn in an assignment. The professor can then inquire as to the reason for the failure. By using Gimkit Ink, professors can track student grades and ensure that all assignments are submitted on time. Gimkit is an effective educational tool and is available for free.

Teachers love the interactive learning aspect of Gimkit live. The interactive whiteboard can display quizzes and allow students to collaborate and compete against each other. Unlike traditional classroom methods, students can choose whether to use power-ups or not. Using the Gimkit live learning game in a classroom setting enables teachers to customize the experience for each student and make it as effective as possible for the class. They can also create class rosters and assign student kits, so that students are responsible for completing the quizzes within a specified time frame.

While Gimkit is an excellent interactive tool, it can be cumbersome to use in a classroom setting. A free basic plan only supports five learners at a time. Furthermore, Gimkit live mode hinders the effectiveness of the product as a teaching tool. Luckily, the paid version allows unlimited learning, revision, and creation of new games. For more information, visit gimkit.com. stratégique Education – How Does It Work?

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