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Why Do Potential Adopters Overlook These Cats at Shelter Homes?

Thinking about adopting a cat? Then consider one of the fur babies often passed off as not pet worthy.

Cats of all ages and breeds are open for adoption in animal shelters across the world. Although they hope to be spotted by potential adopters and taken to their forever homes, many cats may not be lucky enough to find one for various reasons.

If you want to bring home a furball, make sure you can afford all its needs, including basic medical care during needy times of health. Just think if you have enough savings to meet unplanned vet bills or can purchase a medical backup in terms of cat insurance. Weigh the pet insurance cost against the potential savings you can make before deciding.

Remember that every munchkin deserves top-notch health care in dire health situations, so contemplate buying a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn about some cats that are often overlooked at shelter homes.

1.Black cats

Some adopters can be superstitious and associate black cats with ill luck and other negative things. Research shows that many cultures worship cats and consider black cats to bring good fortune. However, scientifically speaking, the melanin pigment imparts that beautiful dark color to the coat. There is little to be afraid of with dark cats; they are equally lovable, playful, and make wonderful fur companions.

2.Senior cats

Senior cats might be dropped off by relatives whose owners passed away or owners who no longer wish to care for the aged pets. Some older cats may be picked up as strays, and others who never had homes but are sociable enough to be adopted by people. Although many people look to adopt young kittens because caring for them and watching them grow is a pleasure in itself, senior cats can be extremely loving companions. They might be already trained if they had owners previously. Adopting a senior feline allows it to live peacefully in its owner’s lap for the rest of the years.

3.Physically challenged cats

Cats with disabilities, including cognitive, eye, and hearing impairments, are hard to get adopted because caring for their special needs can be difficult. Although many homeless cats suffer from physical disabilities, they most likely have good health. These cats can be as loyal and loving as other cats. They can play, eat, and use the litter box just like fur babies with no physical impairments. All you might need to learn is how to properly care for a special needs pet toonily.

4.Sick cats

Shelter cats can get sick with Feline Herpes Virus; however, with the right medical assistance, those cats can quickly recover and be ready for adoption. Also, cats affected by skin diseases, FIV, and FeLV are overlooked by adopters due to their poor health.

Regardless of the kitty you adopt, ensure it with the best life possible. Also, consider adopting from one of the above categories of cats because they need a home as much as the other cats need. At the same time, assess how prepared you are to take this responsibility. Can you provide it with basic life needs, including affording wellness checkups and non-routine vet visits?

Undoubtedly, cat insurance helps provide your furball with timely medical help with little financial hassle during testing times of health and medical emergencies. So, inquire into pet insurance cost and contemplate signing up for a policy.



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